Jason Pevey is a self-taught photographer living in Washington State whose work is focused on the landscape of the Cascadian bioregion, aka the North-American Pacific Northwest. Their work explores the relationships of myth and landscape, and the potential of land for spiritual inquiry.


peveyjt [at] gmail.com


Curriculum Vitae


2021, Humble Arts Foundation NYC & Strange Fire Collective, “Hedge”, Four Degrees: Eco-Anxiety and Climate Change online exhibition

2018, Flat Rate Contemporary Richmond, VA, “Air Quality” - 8x10”, untitled online exhibition

2017, Saatchi Gallery of Art London, “Dorian”, #SelfExpression exhibition

Select Online and Print Publications

2021, Yin, self published, print

2020, It Does Not Have To Mean Anything, self published, print

November 2017, iGnant, “No Help For That” by Jason Pevey, online

November 2017, Booooooom!, “No Help For That”, online

June 2017, iGnant, “An Exploration of Familiar Space” by Jason Pevey, online

May 2016, InTo Quarterly: Richmond, print

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